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The Chinese government is not sensitive to criticism because it wants to be. China culturally has a deep problem that is shown in the public realm. The government just acts like the people feel. Let me explain.

The Chinese method to raise children is to criticize them at every turn. The goal is to control the child in every way and most often parents tell children they are incapable in every way. Further, their parents push them into the mold of their culture. Parents fear their child will fail if they do not conform to the narrow requirements of teachers.

The final result is that Chinese people usually do not know who they are and have no confidence on the inside. Any criticism attacks the basis of who they are. I can fail in something and still know that internally I am an OK person with certain shortcomings just like everyone else. I like myself. Failure does not destroy my sense of self. That is regularly not true in China.

Some Westerners and most Chinese adults have deep gaps in their sense of who they are. If they fail, they feel worthless. They are prone to try to prove themselves. Or they are afraid to try at all. Neither is going to be the best for building an empowered team of workers. You need people who can naturally do it for best results.

So when we meet the supplier, customer, or worker, we can know that the culture probably hurt them or did not allow to be themselves. This makes them feel that who they are is not good enough. They fear failure. They tend to cover up mistakes as cannot bear to have others see them as failures. Young workers may either avoid big assignments or take them on with great gusto all with the same problem inside. Older workers have the same problems often and may or may not cover them up well. Chinese business owners must get money, and so will cover up all weakness. However, they will not admit problems. Not all our like this but the weakness in the culture is big enough that it requires attention.

What have you seen?

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