Temptations at Work in China on the Internet

temptations at work via smart phones

By 2012, more than half of all phones shipped in China were smart phones

Online temptations at work are surely as big in China as they are in the US. First let me put up a thought from American Business Magazine 

Social media has clearly revolutionized the way we communicate. We can reconnect with high school friends, send 140-character messages to celebrities and rally hundreds of people behind an issue in mere seconds. We all have new platforms to share ideas, photos and memories in real-time with almost anyone.

Workers used to waste too much time at the water cooler.   Now they can appear engaged at their computer on work issues while actually being engaged by online temptations at work. They also use their smart phones at work like we never imagined a dozen years ago.

What Temptations at Work exist in China?

Surely we have all heard of QQ and WeChat and now the lure of the internet surely engages Chinese workers at higher levels than many of our company cultures. The picture above notes how smartphones took China by storm.

Many companies closely track computer use, but could be hard pressed to manage smart phone use.  My workers improve their work value through the internet and exchanges like QQ and WeChat.

However, as lots of time and efficiency can be lost to games, movies and chatting, we ask what can a Western Company here do?

We recommend along with the American Business Magazine that these issues need discussion. Ignoring them will not make them go away.

Further, investing in getting workers of character who can deeply commit to your company is even more important. Hiring leaders who can really connect with workers is more than worth the cost to identify them. High levels of engagement do more to limit waste than draconian rules.


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