The Chinese Balloon and More

Chinese balloonFor those who lack entertainment, the Chinese balloon and UFO’s that followed have been quite a bit of fun/drama.

Did you happen to notice that the US planned to ignore the balloon as Trump and Biden had ignored the previous balloons?

Why did this become news? A reporter in Montana visually spotted this balloon and put in the local newspaper which other news outlets picked up. Finally, the US Government had to say something as they knew what it was as had seen them before. Then, the Republicans jumped at the chance to blame Biden.  Biden wanted to appear strong toward China. So, the whole event that they should ignore has led to the US government starting to admit they see a lot of UFO’s which now everyone thinks are some nefarious Chinese devices. Now, only the balloon and in South America are verified as China’s. Secretary of State Blinken cancelled his trip to China over the balloon that he planned to ignore. China refused the later telephone call. Both countries are too proud for their own good.

The US and China are spying on each other all the time. Sometimes, there is news. In this case, it is almost worthless spying. It should be that no one cares except for the Montana reporter who blew this up bigger than it is.

I cannot believe we take UFO’s out with expensive devastating missiles. What can we recover after we blast them that hard?  I suppose it is interesting training for the the US Air Force.

All this is happening in China’s Year of Economics strangely enough.

This Chinese Balloon Reminds Me

Does anyone remember Wen Ho Lee? In the 90’s, the US felt China had stolen some military missile designs from the US. Panic occurred. Some recalled that Los Alamos has research and checked them out. US prosecutors noticed an ethnically Chinese scientist (his family was from Taiwan!) had Chinese friends or something nefarious like that.  They also found out he took his work laptop home with him. They locked him up in solitary confinement with shackles!  More research showed all the white scientists took their laptops home too, and no actual confidential data was in the laptops anyway. Finally, they found out Los Alamos does not have the technology at all for the possibly stolen design.

9+ months later the government let Wen Ho Lee go, and the judge said sorry, but the US government never admitted it had done anything wrong. China did not admit they did anything wrong with the balloon, so they learned from the US?

What About the China Initiative?

Do you recall the China Initiative which Biden finally put to death? Trump said ethnically Chinese scientists were stealing our national secrets. So, the US government went out and ruined some ethnically Chinese scientists who love America and have never thought about spying ever.

The whole Asian community is suddenly spotted as being less American and even like the enemy. Asian hate emerges.

Are we Americans embarrassed enough yet? Have we harmed our reputation with the Asian community enough? We have been getting brilliant scientists from China for a long time, but now they are going back to China or not coming as do not feel safe in the US. We, Americans, have and are shooting ourselves in the foot.

Come here and meet Chinese people.  Most do not care about politics, but they may have heard about Asian hate.  They are kind and friendly. They built a Great Wall to keep people out as opposed to conquering anyone.  The US declared the whole of Latin America as our sphere of influence in 1823 in the Monroe Doctrine.  As recently as 1983, 1994, and 1989, the US invaded one of these countries to get a government we liked more in ‘our’ region.  See even more thought here.

Is it reasonable that China wants a sphere of influence like they had for thousands of years and the US does now?

If America can talk MAGA, why can’t China talk MCGA? other than it is hard to pronounce that acronym?

Yes, the world would sleep better if less MAGA and MCGA, but these things too will pass. See also Human Drift.

We are recruiters and know some people of mostly poor education are MCGA in China. SHI Group will not recommend such people for you to hire. We will also make sure of much else you need in hires. It is hard, but Can We Trust China Again?

Here is learning how to live together with China and not going off the wall the wrong way and embarrassing ourselves. See America 1908 China 2018.


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