The Chinese Labor Pool is Changing

Chinese migrant workers are changing culturally, and that is good to stay ahead of.  All Roads Lead to China put up an article on this change that you can find here.

Workers once came without their families and worked night and day and took long holidays at Chinese New Year that you hope they come back from.

We should note the psychology and family situation of our work force. If they are living in dorms away from family, you should know what that means. They have no life in the city and want to earn as much as possible while they are here, so they can go home and build their life.

The other kind have their family here and want to make a life for themselves in this city. These workers are a growing population and are your future.  They still want a lot of overtime, but they do want a life in the city.  They are more concerned about insurance and getting their kids into migrant schools.  Gradually, they become part of the city culturally even if they could not get residency which they will if they can.  They change from the low self esteem people who have little ability to think into more sophisticated individuals with their own thinking becoming more clear over time.

In all cases, being noticed as a human being is what they all need. They are looked down upon by so many around then that they feel like Scattered Sand.

Anything to add?

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