The Gems Have Character

The Gems Have CharacterWe recently interviewed a woman who interviewed very well. However, we never hire without research. Some research on her background showed that while she did work for the companies on her resume, everything else she said is not true. A Western company laid her off in the down turn in 2009.  She protested by bringing in her father to help her threaten the company.

A different guy had gaps on his resume like he was a guy who no one wanted. He interviewed just OK.  Amazingly, the more research we did, the more we found that he was a real gem. And yes, he had the work background that we needed. Nevertheless, that was and will always be second to recruiting people who are gems. A gem works passionately to make the company better every day. They do not play politics, but play for real every day. I hope you know people like this in China. If you do not, that is too sad. They are out there and sometimes they are just plain out of work as no one has understood how great they are.

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