The Right Company Atmosphere is Possible

company atmosphere

The atmosphere can definitely get better

Company atmosphere should be blue skies with white clouds. It discourages me that some companies put up with their company being “that way”. What they mean is that China is inscrutable and so are the workings of their China holdings. They get production, but China gets blamed for performance gaps.

Sometimes companies get hurt because China is different, and they do not understand.

However, that is learnable and fixable. China will use different logic to approach problems and opportunities naturally. However, I also think we should do business the best way regardless of if we are in China or not. Do not cast principles aside.

Reach for Better Company Atmosphere

If we have business in China, then we should understand what is happening. Or we should employ someone we trust who understands and can make us clear. Once we get to understanding, we can start to work to make the company best in class. China has talented people and diligence to put the Western countries to shame. Our China operations should hum. Do not settle for mediocre.

The market in China is different. The government oversight is different. The workers think different than in the West. Nevertheless, our business can operate on all 4 cylinders here. We should know why if events seem not well. We also should know why if activities seem quite well. And we can always have the humility to get another opinion on how we are doing. Get an outside set of eyes to take a look.

China is not Mars, and corruption of one type or another causes lack of transparency or what is called complexity. The truth is simple. Lets not settle for letting our business fall short where it does not need to be. Your company here can fly.

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