The Rule of Law is Coming in China and That Means Us

The good news is that the Rule of Law is becoming reality year by year in China.  The bad news is that it starts with us foreigners.

The same is true in all countries. When they start to feel like enforcing pollution standards, they first crack down on the foreigners, that was 2008 in China, and gradually it works into the culture as a whole.

Chinese laws are working first and foremost on the heads of the foreigners and foriegn companies and gradually are working their way out to all the people starting with the rich and non government.   Note the quick picture here.  The Y axis is % of Chinese people or events. Over time, rule of law is coming, and I sense we are over half way there when I think of where we were in 1991 when I arrived. Also check out my other post on this here.

Do not play with the law here as you are surely its target. You can even make other companies follow the law here if you use it well. Rule of law is our friend, and we should encourage this trend as we are able.



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