Trust and Check. Simple and Necessary

Do you have anyone on your team that you need to check continually because you do not trust them? Let them go. Do you have people who you feel uneasy about because you are not sure if they are working for the company? Let them go.

Hire people you can trust. They do exist in China. My customers know that. Once you have someone you can trust for good reason. Trust them.

Check them to see how good they are doing. Check them to motivate them to keep getting priorities completed.

I know a company where his plan was to have two top leaders so they could compete. He planned this way as trusted no one. Madness. Of course, the way he hires on technology and not character is another issue that has put him there. This company is stock held by the way

I know others who trust as they do not want to harm the relationship, and then they get run over. They are trusting the wrong people or demotivating good workers by not checking items they asked for. Finally, they think visiting their China factory for 10 days a couple times a year is checking. Trusting and checking is basic, but it does not get done often enough.

Any comments?

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