Trustworthy Talent in China

trustworthy talent

To make your business fly, have trustworthy talent

Trustworthy Talent® is our company’s total focus.  We have even trademarked it as we guess it will continue to get hotter for us and the broader community.

Although background screening has been perceived as somewhat of a formality in the hiring process, businesses should be looking for factors well beyond a candidate’s most recent work experience. From a purely financial perspective, CFOs will tell you that it is much more expensive to acquire talent than it is to retain it. As such, HR managers will want to know that the resources committed are actually cultivating a productive new employee. Conversely, there’s no telling how much money they might spend in the long run covering up the mistakes and dealing with the fallout of a new hire that turns out to be a functional—and possibly legal—liability.

Trustworthy Talent® is a Great Investment

We could not agree more, and our customers enjoy a different world because of us. We implement this idea in the Chinese context every day. It works, and we have many customers who could not be more convinced.

My American Compatriots sometimes stun me. They think everything of trust and do nothing to assure it.  One said,  “Integrity is a given and everything is built on top of that.”

What he meant is, he assumes trust. He did nothing to assure it in Topeka, and he does nothing in China where the term shanghaied came from.  I am quite sure he still does not know how his China leader bought that Porsche on the money he paid. I know a fork lift driver for a US firm who paid cash for two houses.

One guy I documented led a US firm in China for 7 years with the firm support of the Americans. He pocketed supplier money every day.  He further hired weak people to preserve his spot and every day kissed up to the key Americans.  Oh, he also avoided hiring people with better English than him.

Many more subtle things happen.  Profits are deeply impacted, and the Western businesses think that is just China.  The more obvious cost is the clearly bad hire that you let go 6 months later.  The bad hire that quits 6 months later is another. Those are obvious. The more subtle are much more expensive.

So we continue to grow under the banner Trustworthy Talent® knowing all the facts to create a better future for Western Companies in China.

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