Understanding workers

One of my favorite sayings is “Understand first, decide second”. In China, it takes longer to understand, so people often decide before understanding. This is especially true with people. We tend to think workers just want money. That is generally important to get them to join. But being understood helps keep them.

We need to be more curious about people who work for us. It shows we care, and we should. Five whys is valuable to get to root cause, but derivations of it can help us understand our people.

They need to be heard, and we need all the data, so it is a very good path. Get to the bottom of things. Do this because you really care not because you mistrust.

Try to meet with direct reports at least monthly to just hear what they are thinking.

It is worth it. They like it, and gradually they will bring ideas that will make the whole business more successful.

This is non urgent and important. Doers do the urgent work. Leaders do the non urgent like caring for workers that gives the business a future.

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