We Want Openness, How About You?


Openness is like a breath of fresh air.

Openness is not often mentioned in talk of a good business. ERP might be talked of, but the purpose of ERP is to get the information opened up so everyone knows what everyone is doing.  ERP is about openness and cannot be very useful without it.

Some businesses are more open with their customers than they are with their Chinese Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise. (WFOE) Openness requires a certain amount of trust, so what if you do not trust your  WFOE?  Then fire the leader and get someone you can trust.  Trust people or just do things yourself. If you are going to hire people, then you need to trust them, so trust. Be open. Get information flowing.  But first, make sure you fire those people who should not be trusted. Get people who can be.  China has them. Then open up. Give people information that gives them vision and a sense of ownership.  Hire trustworthy people, then trust them.  Then check their work to see it is done well and IP is protected.  Trust and check and do not think that is a contradiction. Trust and check.

Find a way to get to openness.  Then you will have people and  a WFOE that shares the burden with you in a better way, and you will have a real use for your ERP and people who want to use it.

Any additions?

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