We Will Reap What We Sow in Recruiting

reap what you sow

What kind of harvest do you want?

Reap what we sow is a principle in recruiting and is most often a tail of sorrow. Many companies look down on recruiting meaning they think accounting is a specialty and auditors are necessary, but recruiting can use HR people in case of need. No specialty needed.

If you think you can do this without professional help, then you get what you paid for. If you read good recruiting blogs, that can help, but  you paid nothing and likely will suffer with  a bad hire or an overall weak culture. This includes unwanted turnover, politics, low productivity. and unpleasant surprises which you blame on China.

Reap What We Sow Means Reaping Losses and Disappointment

If you hire 6 contingency recruiters to compete against each other and expect to have any of them be honest, then you are playing dice and hoping to get a lucky roll even if you think you can do it yourself.

These are people, and they are crucial to your earning money. They are also key to your sanity and sleep at night. I met an owner who developed a person to be the leader for 6 years, and about the time he wanted to make a move, the person left with the competition.

This person had often been to his house, and they ate innumerable meals together. The owner definitely never knew what was in this worker’s heart.

The monetary and personal cost of this loss is immeasurable. If I had talked with both people at the one year mark, the cracks would have already been there. Silently the crack grew, and the guy left. The owner was the last to know and too late.

We can do an HR audit for you to sniff out these problems. That will help.

I also see the bigger question is that Westerners can work with a Chinese person for 6 years and never know them, yet they hire people on a fifteen or possibly 30 minute interview. Actually any amount of interviewing cannot match 6 years.

Looking down on recruiting makes the principle of reaping what we sow a sad tail for innumerable Western Companies active in China.


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