What Do Engineers Know About Finance?

what-do-engineers-know-about-financeAh, it is just that attitude that makes silos grow in companies. Many companies here even exacerbate it by having finance and other departments report back to overseas headquarters.

Yes, trust issues are often at core. Companies have workers in China but trust the wrong people and then get burned and have…trust issues. They then do not get help to get people they can trust. They have ‘precious’ people report straight back to overseas so other people they hired will not poison or harm them. Also, control issues rear up.

These finance leaders are often the worst at team. They show perfect loyalty to the boss according to their training. Unfortunately, their eyes and training often blind them to how to improve their area or even not hurt the company around them. They need an engineer to look at their processes and help them do better. However, to have teams in China where that kind of mutual accountability and involvement occurs is rare. The Silos are serious.  People may eat lunch together, but no one gets involved in what others are doing. Silos lower innovation and quality all around as we all know.

Silo’s are so bad that ISO 9001 becomes a paper push. Quality managers feel hopeless to connect and get mutuality going to make ISO real, so they falsify documents out of habit.

It does not have to be that way. Functional mutually accountable teams are possible, and they will make you more successful. However, to get there takes clear eyes to know who to trust and about what.

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