What If You Are Under-Performing in China or Anywhere?

Chalk Board_meitu_1Many times when companies are starting a business in China, it is like starting with a blank chalk board and writing on it by their actions. On the other hand, if a company is standing already, they have many people, habits and practices on the chalk board that they may need to erase.

To get started, who is a more important question than what. It is about who should be on the team.  You need to start placing people on the team who have passion for the company. You need to place people on the team who do not appear to have passion but really have passion for where you want to go. Under-performing teams in China usually have a need to reorganize top leadership. This is naturally the unpleasant part. The process of determining who should be on the team is very important.  Passion and character for the company are essential in the process of choosing those people. Once you have the right people in the right positions, you have completed most of the heavy lifting.

Any other thoughts? Any experiences you have had related to this?

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