What Makes Workers Happy

I mentioned that making workers happy is a good goal in the blog on protecting your IP. I want to discuss what I see makes workers happy and also get what you think.

An old boss of mine once said to me, “Jim, doesn’t it make you happy to give workers a job?” I changed the topic. Most people at that business regretted the day they joined. No one could get a bonus as the owner had stretched the business too far. He further bankrupted businesses as fast as he started them. No one was getting ahead long term. No one was happy. So, I changed the topic and prepared to resign.

The right workers want several things beyond a job.

1. They want a chance to achieve.
2. They want their job to make a difference in the world.
3. They want to work hard and play hard.
4. They want to influence and measure their success.
5. They want the business to notice and honor them for what they achieve.
6. Most want time at work and time with their friends and family.
7. They want competitive pay.
8. Most want increasing responsibilities.
9. They want good relationships at work.
10. Most want a business that is like a family.
11 All want a direct supervisor who cares about them and these wants.

These make workers happy. Businesses should be happy to know that people want to give their all to the business when they are there. We should get busy giving these things to workers consistently. We should hire workers who really think this way and connect with them. They are our future.

Any comments?

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