What We Emphasize Is What We Get – Like it or Not

What we emphasize is what we getWhat we emphasize is what we get is easier to say than to do. Further, it is hard for us leaders in China to realize the impact we are having. We also often do not act on the impact our subordinate leaders are making.

What We Emphasize is What We Get Even Though We Do Not Plan That

One leader I know put the values on the wall, but at every meeting and in the hallway talked about booking more sales. Workers responded and the sales board filled up. When the time for delivery got near, the sales evaporated for some confusing reasons. No one emphasized integrity as much as they emphasized booking sales and the result was a backlog of inventory.

Another leader emphasized technology when she hired workers and promoted them. However, the political infighting of these perfect resume people was demoralizing. The turnover that resulted left them with another problem. They were always trying to hire technology to replace that which just walked out the door.

When you have emphasized the values you really need like transparency and responsibility in your actions, then you will have a different business. It will be different from one where you or your leaders’ clear emphasis is money, personal reputation, or a myriad of other unproductive values. What values do we emphasize? What do our subordinate leaders emphasize? I do not mean what we or others list on our website for values.  What are our values according to our China businesses’ day to day decision making?  What do our managers do under pressure? Hope you are finding Chinese people more transparent than the average. We find that over 70% of candidates who interview well are actually lying to get the job. Their values will poison your efforts to push your values if not emphasized in hiring.

Lets put our values into action in our companies and in our recruiting to make our work really go.


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