What’s missing?

What’s missing?

I write a lot about leadership and little about China and there is a reason for that. Companies do not realize the increased demands of leadership required by the cross cultural problem we call China. China is not the problem. Pay attention to leadership in China.

Cross cultural problems place a much higher demand on leadership. While an average leadership from America might get you through in America, it will likely fall short in China.

Today, I have  two simple and yet hard to find qualities. You need to have humility and drive in large quantities to lead in China.

Let me explain both.


When I say humility, I do not mean that you should say you are no good and other things that are not true.  Humility is knowing yourself deeply and understanding and accepting that person. This kind of humility helps a leader see they cannot calculate if they are better or worse than any other person. Humble leaders have more interest in doing a good job than in protecting their position because they know their value. They are transparent as not afraid to show their weakness.


When I say drive, I mean an unstoppable desire to succeed. China will put a lot of roadblocks in your way, and require a lot of new thinking from you.  Cross cultural work is not for the weak of heart. You need compelling drive that faces problems and believes in out of the box solutions in line with company values and vision. This drive will take you far.

While there are other principles, these two qualities will take you far in China. Humility will make you ask more questions and seek more understanding outside of yourself. Drive will make you reach far enough to succeed.

How would you describe this?

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