What’s Trust in China Got To Do With Our Success?

Trust in China is tested in this food

How much Chinese distrust the safety of what’s in their food is a sign.

People worthy of our trust in China are rare, and that is worth talking about again.

Vernal Management has a blog post that I want us to take a look at it. I recommend this blog, and you can find the whole thing here. I paste  one point here:

In study after study, two distinguishing leadership traits stand out in creating trust and willingness of people to take personal risk: consistent, uncompromising integrity, and actively demonstrating care and consideration.

Mutual trust inside and outside an organization are force multipliers, and so we focus  on recruiting Yes means Yes people as their integrity is worth real money. Almost all our work is in the area of recruiting leaders of one type or another. Yes, leaders who are not just about themselves are also force multipliers. Great leadership is made of caring and integrity.

Trust in China Does Not Come Naturally

Let me also plug a well known book, Five Dysfunctions of a Team  At the link you could also get a download of the model if you are not ready to buy this short informative and page turning book.  To come clean, we are also licensed facilitators of team development by this model. The first step in any good teamwork according to the book is trust. I so agree.

Many hiring managers say that integrity must be a given. I agree. However, they use recruiters who only get them good resumes without regard to integrity, and the result is messy.  Chinese people do not trust other Chinese people with good reason.  They do not see it as a given.  The given is lost if not prioritized. Trust suffers as does overall performance, and we are not talking about small change losses. I have seen millions of dollars go down the drain here in China more than once for failure to guarantee that given.  I know two big companies wallowing in it now.

Integrity and caring build trust in China. We should be doing that with our workers in China, but we should also insure our direct reports and other important positions have that. Trust in China is worth big money. It makes teams go and must come from top leaders.

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