Who Then What

Good to Great said something important when they said great leaders first resolve who and then decide what. Who means getting the right people on your team. It also means they are on the same sheet of paper with you in values and vision. “What” is the work they do.

In China, I cannot imagine another way, yet find very few leaders who have understood and so muddle through and learn how to hoodwink overseas HQ to cover the gaps.

At China Law Blog, Dan said, “I have traveled all over Asia, North America, Europe and much of Latin America, and in no country of which I have been other than China do the people stand up on the airplane too early when landing and then try to push their way through. Am I making too much of this or should this be instructive on how business is done there?”

Ah, yes, this should be instructive.  Randomly training whoever is on your team before you resolve the who is problematic. Great teams can do excellent work, but first they must be great teams of the right people in the right relationships. These right people are not easy to come by. Work at it. Get help, but do the who. Yes, you can stay in production and serve customers while you get who fixed, but initiative and change should come after you get who fixed.

The what goes so well once you have the who. Work on it. It is worth it.

What do you think?

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