Why China Hiring Background Checks? Part II

China hiring background checks

China has people, but the filtering needs real effort

China Hiring Background Checks Required? Dan Harris on China Law Blog gives a hearty yes.  He here said what his China firm is seeing. I have pasted on how he sees our experience in finding 15 out 15 were materially lying in the recruiting process.

I suspect many are surprised by the above, but I can tell you that if I told this to the China lawyers at my firm, not a single one of them would be surprised. In fact, their reaction would be along the lines, of “so.” We see this sort of thing ALL the time, with employees of our clients and with the Chinese companies with which they do business.

China Hiring Background Checks Surprise

We were surprised at 15 out of 15 as we have done this since 2008.  See last week’s blog here.  Our running average of how many we kick out of our qualified resumes and interview recruiting pool is 72%.  After we have gone over the resume and interviewed, we lose 72% in the China Hiring Background Check. So we need to have 10 candidates who interview well to present three that will get past the background check.

You might from this understand why head hunters do not do deep background checks. It is more work than they are willing to do. However, 20 years of seeing Western Factories in China helped me to see that more than 70% of the workers in China are not with their company in heart. That many bad hires leads to bad mix. 100% unvetted management often means 70% of your management is not really on your team despite appearances. That is a huge loss in efficiency and productivity. Sometimes it is catastrophic like here.

So the good news is that 100% of Chinese people are not materially lying to you. Under pressure, 72% are. A really good and deep interview system is unlikely to get you to 50%.

We have done lots of interviewing and are very good at drawing out the facts. However, we uncover unrepentant lying after interviewing which causes elimination  of 72% of the remaining candidates. We are still learning 6 years after committing ourselves to this path.  We suspect many background checks would not find 72% problems as they are just a paper push.

We Have the System

Long ago, we used to do background checks after the job offer, but losing 70% of the people then wasted so much of our customers’ time. So we do background checks as early as possible.  If they are not open to background check, then we know they have something to hide. We withdraw the candidate. China business gets better when you deny liars job opportunities, and hire the talented honest people.

So yes, China Hiring Background Checks early are mandatory and not a tack on as we see it. 11 years later we will never turn back.

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