Wuxi is a place to do R&D away from high priced Beijing and Shanghai

Cannot resist a plug for my Greater Shanghai office location. In an article on reversing brain drain, I saw the note below on Wuxi. See the whole article here.

He,(a returnee) was tempted to return four years later to Wuxi, a high-tech hot spot a couple of hours’ drive inland from Shanghai whose incentive plans have put it at the forefront of China’s overseas talent recruitment drive.

See Wikipedia for more on the city including this quote which encapsulates some opportunities here.

The (Wuxi New Distric) Zone focuses on formation of the five pillar industries of electronic information, precision machinery and mechanical and electrical integration, bio-pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals and new materials

As such, there are hundreds of large scale Western investments here and many more smaller.  Also, there is quite a bit of Chinese investment both large and small.

Final note on this less known city is it has the ninth largest GDP of any city in China, so nothing to sneeze at and pretty Westernized.

Along with our efforts to help Western Companies succeed in China, we assist companies to establish small scale R&D that dramatically reduces up front hassles and investment funds.

Welcome to connect with us here in Wuxi or in Beijing.

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