Chinese Creativity Needs Leadership

Chinese Creativity Needs Leadership

We have tested a thousand or more candidates using a scale to show if they are in or out of the box thinkers. Results are that not one out of a hundred are out of the box. Chinese creativity seems less than 1%.

Further, most people test extroverted observant hard thinking rule bound types.  Are Chinese genetically bound this way?   All one personality?

How can this be?

Is Chinese Creativity Genetically Limited?

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Scientifically speaking, about half of the people are out of the box.

People testing with us trying to get a job are testing to be what they think is the ideal candidate.  See also Hard For Candidates To Be Real

Funny thing is that half of the jobs that come up require creativity to succeed. Resumes are packed with how creative they are, but they test in the box. Further, they test extroverted observant hard thinking rule bound types. See also Fear Must Be Driven Out

I consistently hire creative people to recruit for me. I feel confident that more than 50% of the people are naturally creative. Normal testing will not draw this out.

Be sure, Chinese people are not genetically extroverted observant hard thinking rule bound types. Confucius and his followers wanted order and won out as Emperors decided good followers was what their country needed.  The country is still led that way.

If you look at Tang Dynasty poetry and how China reacted to the foreign invasions of the past 150 years, you would have to say that China is introverted intuitive feeling judging (a highly creative type).  Culturally, China is near that.

Chinese Creativity Must Be Drawn Out

However, China naturally has about 50% out of the box people like every country, but there is  lot of cultural space for extroverted observant hard thinking rule bound types and introverted feeling judging types and everything in between.  If anything, Japan is more extroverted observant hard thinking rule bound, and they are plenty creative.

In leading in China over more than 20 years, I have never found that any Chinese team I led lacked creativity. I did need to draw it out and give it life and direction. They did the rest.  Great leadership makes it go.  You also need to find and encourage the out of the box types. Often, they cannot get on the core team. See thoughts on Must or Want to Follow



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