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China triumph of the pessimistsPoliticians and leaders feel the need to bring optimism to their organizations. Many books are written and power generally goes to the optimists. However, COVID-19 is the triumph of the pessimists.

Everyone who has taken the microphone and announced a bright future has been humiliated or shouted down.

The initial outbreak cover up in China was surely an effort not to make a mountain out of a mole hill. For the last 30 days the national government in China has been encouraging people to go back to work and move again. Still very little travel and oh so hard to get this conservative country moving again.

They told the people they do not need face masks out doors and everyone still wears face masks.

China has a lot of pessimism.

When the situation heated up, nothing changed in my yard, but the people demanded protection, and so they started checking everyone for their temperature when they came in the gate.  It is a bottom up event.

Really think more why China is winning on the virus. The virus rewards those who are more conservative. The virus punishes the free spirits. Discipline, sacrifice and taking the most conservative path wins.

China is winning. South Korea is winning.  It started in China and China is now the winner.

Countries that have enough pessimism are winning. In the US, the last state to get the virus is West Virginia. I think you could argue that a lot of people are conservative and not ready to change in West Virginia. The same is true in China actually.

In Covid 19 Triumph of the Pessimists  – China Wins

China is this really conservative country that allows almost no immigration and rejected a fast change to market economics. China does things slow and careful. Chinese people earn 100 and save 50. They have no confidence for the future.

China is a heavy culture. The conservatives rule.

China is good at large projects and at finishing them because they are careful people. They plan ahead and save carefully. Chinese are not like Filipinos. They are not Californians. Chinese are like the opposite.

Not everyone is conservative in China, but the domimant ethos is or you could not stomp out the diseases after such a bad start.  See also Chinese Cultural Strengths That We Can Use.

So everyone is learning from China now. The pessimists and pessimism are winning in every country now. It just takes a lot longer for the pessimists to win in California and Italy.


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