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Clara over at Foreign Entrepreneurs in China just posted on not interrupting a Chinese person who is ranting. I agree and you can find the post here

I would also add that her advice should not be just for China.

Ranting is a great chance to get more data than you might otherwise acquire. Do not miss it.  Further, rants help people get things off their chest and you need to let them and even encourage them to do it.

Your workers should be able to show you respect in the process and not curse at you or even get out of control actually.  However,  you also need them to be able to unload and often it must come in an emotional jumble.

Coworkers should be able to really unload and you should share thought with them, but recall that they might not be able to hear you when they are hot.  Find another time.

Draw out the person who wants to dump. Listen and empathize as you are able. You really can get a lot of free advice that is otherwise hard to come by.  Invite them to a more private place if you sense a chance. Draw it out if it is there. Create enough safety. Do not be defensive. Try to learn something,  People who are dumping often have not sorted their thoughts so you should sort through them and make mental notes in the process on things to check into.

Be happy when people unload. It makes them better able to work with you if they can, and you can learn a lot.  Do not take everything to heart that is said, but really hear and sort it out later.

Thanks for a great post Clara

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