Culture Is Worth More Than Strategy

Let me quote from an article that has the leadership thinking that is right on the mark. You can find the whole article here at  The article’s name is “Culture Eats Strategy For Lunch,” and I so agree. Quote is below:

A vibrant culture is organic and evolving. It is fueled and inspired by leadership that is actively involved and informed about the realities of the business. They genuinely care about the company’s role in the world and are passionately engaged. They are great communicators and motivators who set out a clearly communicated vision, mission, values, and goals and create an environment for them to come alive.

Leadership counts. Put in the time and get your mission, vision, values, and goals clear. Get actively involved in your culture. Then take very opportunity to remind people of the mission vision values and goals in every way you can. Then, connect these to their performance evaluation as well. I often say that here because it is important. Also, in China, I have seen it work. You can get there wherever you are.

Another note here. If you start down this path, do not expect overnight results though you may get some. Culture develops over time as you get more right people placed and as you get them fired up about the mission, vision, values, and goals. It does come but over months of planting seeds and implementing on this path. You can move the mountain of your culture. You can become an admired company that reaches for the sky. Invest and you can get there.


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