Fear Must Be Driven Out

The highly successful Western GM of Bosch Siemens Wuxi likes to say this.  “Fear must be driven out.”

What he sees is that fear is a big enemy of high quality production and overall business growth. I so agree.

When workers fear, their creativity dives. Their initiative goes down.  Reporting of problems goes down.

Workers must be managed, and they must know the limits on behavior, but great managers create passion in workers to follow their lead rather than force them to obey.   Workers who cannot come to good leadership can be coached or let go.

The team becomes passionate when fear is driven out.   Mission, vision, values and goals must be emphasized at every turn. Coaching to find out workers’ passions and personal plans can also be added faithfully to escape fear and not end up a lax organization.  An emphasis on the so called non urgent aspects of business can breed passion that is a force multiplier and removes the need for fear throughout the business.

What do you think?

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