Four Irreplaceable Things Every Leader Must Do

The post on DO needs follow up, for the most important actions a leader must carry out can be shown in four points.

1.Establish and relentlessly promote the Mission, Vision, Values and Goals (MVVG).

2. Ensure just enough and correct structure to support the MVVG.

3. Facilitate those who carry out the MVVG.

4. Develop and use teams wherever beneficial.

I say these are irreplaceable as you can and should delegate a great deal that lands on your desk, but these four you must do yourself.

Establish and relentlessly promote the Mission, Vision, Values and Goals (MVVG)

Some companies go as far as to name their MVVG, but few companies mention them more than once a year and even fewer use them to make all decisions. Your job as leader is to trumpet the MVVG in every situation and in every way you can imagine. Make them front and center as only you can.

Ensure just enough and correct structure to support the MVVG

If we talk all about the MVVG, but our annual performance reviews do not mention them, then we have lost all momentum. If HR people do not use and emphasize the MVVG as a standard for recruiting, then we cannot develop the culture we need. We cannot legislate the whole culture or we will kill it, but we should make sure that our existing systems are in synch with our MVVG.

Facilitate those who carry out the MVVG

We do not make the widgets or give primary service to the customer. Others do.
They are the heroes. Make it your goal to facilitate their efforts to be heroes. We and they are on the same team. They want high achievement and we want them to get there to. Lets see it that way and make a point of it. No on else can do it for us. And then let’s get our junior leaders to do the same.

Develop and use teams wherever beneficial

Two is better than one. Without your emphasis the power of collaboration will never come to life. We need to develop a very tight leadership team and get everyone to think team in all they do. It should cross functional areas and be deep and unrestrained.

It takes a lot of work to get there as do each of these areas, but the fruit of continued effort here is the greatest success we can achieve. Lets reach for the gold. Our China leaders should to. Multinational companies need great leadership. Get everyone going there. This is very brief, but I wanted to get this on the table. I will expand on these at other times, but want everyone to see this picture and feel the possibilities today.

See anything else to add?

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