Great Leaders Ask for Coaching

Let me start out with a Pat Lencioni Quote which you can find here,

“Sit down and think about each of the people who work for you. Identify something about them that you admire, that you genuinely believe they do better than you. That shouldn’t be hard, because every employee has skills or talents that exceed those of their bosses.

Once you’ve identified those skills or talents, take a moment to tell each employee why you admire them. If you mean it – and that is absolutely essential – it will blow them away. Be sure to be specific about what you admire about them and state the fact you would like to learn from them. It doesn’t have to be right then, and it doesn’t have to come in one fell swoop. Over time, you’d like them to coach you in that area.”

There is a reason that he has sold million sof books. We all want to be important, and when you ask your people for coaching, then you are helping them in a big way to feel they have importance.  Take his advice, and buy a few of his books while you are at it.

Any examples or thoughts to add?

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