Hiring Chinese People – Fearing What Should Be Feared

hiring chinese peopleConsistently hiring Chinese people who are true to their word is a high art form. We have some risks we probably have not thought about enough.  Knowing what to fear has been a topic on this blog in the past, and I want to touch on it again today. We all have our own experiences, personalities and focus that lead to certain subjectivity. To objectively see an event is impossible.  Let me say it again.

To objectively see an event is impossible.

All leaders have limited personalities, experience and focus, so we need to fear our own subjectivity more. I regularly come into a company situation and have it sorted out in from a few minutes to a few hours. (not always though and more data is correct) I carry a different subjectivity than the culture of the company, and thus can see. In my own company, we suffer from my subjectivity, and naturally the key is to accept that it is true. Thus, I and we welcome and enforce a no holds barred open culture to help us internally overcome our own subjectivity. I thank people inside and outside the company who give me their viewpoint no matter how uncomfortable.  No pain, no gain. Anything that does not kill us can make us stronger. Let’s benefit from putting more different subjective eyes on problems. It is great to have a focus, but it is also good to get all the data.

A book I am always happy to recommend is Leadership and Self Deception by the Arbinger Institute.  It notes that our subjectivity easily becomes a form of self deception. We actually believe something that is totally not true.  In China, we do well to be aware that many people will try to deceive us.  but it is more important to note that our own subjectivity will hurt us more.

Hiring Chinese People Whose Yes Does Not Mean Yes is Your Greatest Risk.

Having the people on your payroll not tell you what they are really thinking is your greatest risk. Suppliers who lie to you is really bad, but people on your payroll who are not telling you what they think guarantees a growing cancer. Most companies I know have hired some trouble that makes them think China is the problem.

Please do not blame China. Take off your subjective glasses and start getting better in Hiring Chinese People.


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