Innovation Development Insight From 3M

In his book, Imagine: How Creativity Works, Jonah Lehrer tells how 3M created a great inventive company.

1.  They encourage people to take breaks and do whatever during the work day. The even have one hour to work on whatever each day which Google later copied.  Breakthroughs more often come when people can relax or change speed.

2.  They design ways for each department to see and interact with other departments on what they are doing as they found that crossing two or more disciplines often produces breakthroughs.

Small companies can do this in smaller ways.  Encouraging people to walk get up and walk around when they are stuck is a good way to help them get from their specific left brain to their global right brain to solve difficult problems creatively.

Force each department to tell what they are doing to the other departments and free the other departments to comment freely. This takes some work to get moving, but breaks down silos as well.


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