Leadership and Objectivity

I often tell people around me, “To objectively read a book is impossible.”  This is an important principle that many of you know in one way or another.  However, most people do not realize how fundamental this idea is to business growth.

A corollary to this phrase would be: to objectively view a customer, supplier, worker, or other stakeholder is impossible.

We all carry our personality, experiences and biases into everything we do.  Even when we feel we are objective, we are not actually.

I would also like to recommend a book from the Arbinger Institute. Leadership and Self Deception: Getting out of the Box

The book is a parable, a story with a meaning that is explained in detail at the end. Very good read and in line with this topic. Get the book here.  You can buy the Chinese language version here

I mention the Chinese version as we all can benefit some from understanding our own problem, but the Chinese staff you are developing likely need this even more. You could read it together.

So, if we all are biased, then how do we make good decisions?  Surely, we need to hear all the voices meaning both sides of any story.  We also need a team that can question our analysis.  Then we will be a little more safe from deceiving ourselves.

Any Thoughts?

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