Let’s Make This Money. Be a Great Place To Work – in China

a great place to workAs owners, we all want to be a great place to work.  It is closer to us than we think and in China is well worth the focus.

Here are a few quotes from Fast Company to set up the thought.

Fewer than 3 in 10 workers admit to having their hearts in their jobs. This lack of employee engagement will cost business upwards of $300 billion this year alone.

And their quote from Emerson which is part of the anti-dote.

Trust men and they will be true to you; treat them greatly and they will show themselves great.–Emerson

A Great Place to Work Has People of Character All Around

Trust people. Indeed. However, I know one place where they run like a country club. That is not the way.

The right people join a company wanting to make a positive impact.  The right people do not want a country club.

Get them and give them the right environment. Start by looking inside yourself.

Think through what your real heart values are and then consistently display them in action yourself without saying a word.

Then announce your values and rate people in how they do on values. Get rid of people who cannot follow your lead if you are doing it.

In China, getting the right leader is critical.  Chinese workers will not trust them unless they show they deserve it. Investment in making a great culture holds down turnover and indeed is a force multiplier. I have made my business a great place to work in China myself in service and production companies I have led to include this one.

So get people that are trustworthy and want to work. If you cannot, then call us.  Then give these people direction and catch them producing  for you regularly.

You will have a good start.  Read the whole article here.   How do we get force multiplier impact going inside your company? That’s a great problem.  Then you can earn and save more money to treat everyone better, so they reach higher, so you have more money.  Let’s do this. Let’s be a great place to work.


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