Making Space for Creative Collaboration

Just listened to an Idea Cast at HBR titled Designing Space For Creative Collaboration.   Nice podcast and very worth ten minutes of time to listen to.

The Stanford University authors of Make-Space: How to Set the Stage for Creative Collaboration have done good research on how to make a creative environment. In fact, all businesses need what they are saying all around.

They emphasize the need to encourage workers “to bring their full selves to work.”  They counsel getting all workers’ positive, negative and especially critical thoughts out on the table to process and dump faster if needed.

They discourage corner offices and other status symbols that make one person special and above others. Such status symbols, in their research, cause innovation to decrease company wide.

I managed a factory and refused the corner office and even emptied one more.  The engineers made the best office into both a display and creative zone.  I love that.  We broke down barriers and increased participation and people started wanting to come to work. Ownership bloomed.  Passivity faded and real answers and research started to occur.

Finally, the authors said, the very best thing to do is to take action. Some action toward more open participation is better than looking for a great idea.  I so agree.  Try and experiment. That is what innovation is all about anyway.

Anything anyone want to add?

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