Merging Culture and Strategy I

Mike Myatt at Forbes put up a well thought out article on Culture vs Strategy and which is preeminent. Even the comments have some merit, so I recommend taking a look via the link, but I summarize below.

He dislikes the either/or sense of most Strategy/Culture discussions.

I appreciate how he notes the misdirection that often occurred in TQM. Lots of activities occurred, but little benefit occurred to the bottom line as connection with the central strategy was too weak.

Culture focus can face the same bad result.  Culture work that does not make the strategy more clear is a bad effort. Culture work is about strengthening and clarifying and implementing the Mission, Vision, Values and Strategies (Goals) of the organization. Culture is about achieving engagement, and engagement to the strategy is the key. Everyone going their own way is sure to bring down engagement.

Culture work by its very essence must have a goal. The goal cannot be to have workers more comfortable.  The goal must be to help the workers succeed in high achievement.   A good culture can get you there.

I wrote a blog a few months ago on culture and strategy and feel it is a good partner with this blog.  Welcome to take a look.

Culture Is Worth More Than Strategy


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