None of Their Business-Really?

In one organization I led a decade ago, we had a sticky government problem that the Administration Director and I were working on. It looked like it could shut off our service as the situation got darker and stickier. Our consultants and sales people did their work  while our government problem mushroomed.

One day,  I decided to involve the sales people in the Administration work. Within one day, the problem was on its way to resolution and within a week it was gone.

Our Sales people had no government relations background, training, or existing relations.  Their creativity and sales/relational work solved the problem quickly.

From this event on, I have worked to involve every department with every other to break down silos.  They effects have been great.  Real teams developed and turf wars were driven out.

The company belongs to all of us and everything is everyone’s business to the benefit of all.

What do you think? How can you move on this?

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