Revenue Focus?

Now, most of us started businesses to make money. That is understandable. However, you must have something deeper or you will never reach high. You will not motivate your workers by a goal statement of $30M in revenue. Nor are they captured by a vision of grab the money.

 Now, I have been at a business where they had a very laudable public vision and goals, but they were window dressing.  Actually grab the money was our vision, values, and goals. Grab the money was not written anywhere, but it dominated our business decision making.

 How do you think people felt working there? Did they have something to tell their children about when they got home? Or did it take the life out of them and even make them feel less human to work there? I resigned and found other work. Most people do not quit, but just check their heart at the door and keep collecting a paycheck.  Is that what you want in your workforce?

 Reach higher.  Dig deeper. Give your workers and even your customers something better.

 What do you think? Any examples?

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