Staying the course

I learned in some Christian book whose name I have forgotten that vision leaks, and it is so true. Years ago in an organization I was leading, I knew I had finally expressed the vision successfully and inspired the team. A month or two later, I was surprised that no one knew it.

First, I had not followed up and repeated till it seemed real. I hear people do not take things to heart till the 7th time they hear it. I  failed there.

However, my bigger gap arose because vision leaks. People forget, and other urgent matters push the vision off the horizon.

To get anywhere, you must keep your boat on course. So it is with your Mission, Vision, Values and Goals (MVVG).  If natural drift is not corrected, you will soon find your team working at cross purposes.  They will not do it with malice in most cases, but vision will leak,

We must reinforce vision.  It must be done in word and in action and all messages spoken or given by other means should buttress the MVVG.   And as mentioned in the last post, add real stories from the business. Then you will start having a business that is all pulling in the same direction. And it is worth all your effort.

What stories do you have?

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