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A business leader needs to gather stories faithfully. We must catch people doing right according to the vision and values we are consistently emphasizing. Gather in the stories of great service or exceptional candor and tell them if they are our values. Gather the stories and write them down to keep. They are an asset for our company.

Telling people you value Truth is ambiguous and uninspiring. Telling them a story about someone in the business who told the truth even when it endangered their own reputation and then glorifying that act gives life to the value.

Armstrong International is a 100 year old company for a reason. A junior staff at Armstrong here in China gave me a ringing endorsement of their company culture recently.  Would our staff do that spontaneously with other people they meet?

David Armstrong added to this culture by telling stories. He helped them succeed in becoming a successful 100 year old company through a simple tool. We can do it as well even if we are not yet as expert as Armstrong.

True stories from the business are powerful. Start the process of gathering and telling. Get pictures when possible. The whole company gets better at it as you build momentum in that direction.

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