Thanksgiving Taken Into Business

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American compatriots!  Most of us in China can get to some or all of a turkey in China these days while not so many years back and still in the outback, turkey was hard to come by.

As a 360° leader who can lead up and down, thankfulness all around is a useful trait every day.

Chinese families often have a lot of criticism,negativity, taking for granted. Thanksgiving can even be seen cynically as thanks was given manipulatively in their background in some cases.

Thus true thanks can be misunderstood, but with deeper understanding, can break through.

To achieve thankfulness as a trait in your business culture is invaluable and hard to reach whereever you are. In China, it takes coaching, even mentoring to make it real and not just a manipulative technique.  We all have a lot to be thankful for if only we have and can give eyes to see the good where it is.

Let me tell a quick American Thanksgiving story along these lines.  When the Pilgrims arrived from England in America in 1620, they were hard pressed as arrived at the start of winter. By harvest of the next year 50 of the 100 Pilgrims had died including their leader.  Then they had a service of Thanksgiving which led to this American holiday. They had plenty of reasons to be bitter and down trodden, but they saw that they had gained freedom in this new land to worship God as they saw fit and gave thanks.  They had eyes to see the good and may we as well.

Have a great Thanksgiving Day as often as possible in your business as well as at home.

Any stories to add?

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