Their Agenda Part I – Managers

How often do you sit down with your direct reports and just hear what they have to say? Have them plan a 15-30 or even 60 minute time with you. Assure them of non-defensiveness. Then really hear them. Interact but do not take over. I do some form of this monthly. Sometimes it is formal, and they can plan. Sometimes, I grab an opportunity to delve into their thoughts. 15 minutes can only touch one thing in any depth at all, but still do it.

Your direct reports need to be heard, and you need the data. As leaders, we need to get all the data, and we will only get it if we create the space.

The goal is not to hear and obey our workers. We must hear everyone we can.  We must especially hear the hard or disagreeable thoughts. They make us stronger. Finally, we must analyze and make decisions based on complete data.


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