Their Agenda Part II- Customers

The customer wants your organization focused on them. They see that your organization is often focused on you even though you say it is focused on them.

The junior salesmen often know why a product is hard to sell. They are near the customer every day. However, owners do not want to hear that they are wrong in any way. So salesmen are left trying to make quota and know what it takes but have a company that will not really hear the hard issues.

If anyone who touches the customer is the top of your organization, then you are starting to be on the customer agenda. People who make and deliver your products or service should be at the top of your concern. Salesmen and even marketers could be very high. Finance people and purchasers would be examples of people who are farther from the customer. They should be heard from less. Line workers would be very high. Service delivery people would be very high. Customer service would be very high.

A highly customer oriented organization is one where the right people are put on top and everyone else is working to support them.

While we must be more than blindly following the customer, we must be organized to work for them. When we really work for them to bring value, then we will be on their agenda and that is what any company needs.


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