Toxic China Work Cultures Happen Too Often

toxic China work cultures

Inc put up study results on what makes toxic work cultures in the US, but I see how it relates to Western investment in China as well.   They found a way to quantify this and it helps see the core of toxic China work cultures. Disrespect and dishonesty were the hot buttons that pertain directly to China.

Ah, politics in business. It is hard to take someone to court for disrespect, and it can be done without important people knowing or worse yet, purposely, so important people do know. How do we get to toxic? Seems we hire on a feeling and people start acting weird. People OK favorites, and do not know what is going on or play favorites and know exactly.  The ball starts rolling and people will pile in and a culture starts to go to downhill. When fairness seems lost, attitudes get bad fast.

Toxic China Work Cultures and Dishonesty

That brings us to dishonesty and gaps in ethics, because they make people feel unfair really quick. Dishonesty makes people crazy fast. If it is regularized then it just makes people feel smart though dirty.  Good hires deserve better.

No one starts out trying to create a toxic culture, and no one is proud of it. Western companies do incoming quality control on raw materials, yet hire people on a good conversation.

SHI Group China wants to make the world of work a better experience in Western Companies in China. We do it with both eyes open in recruiting and hiring.  We confess that we often tell you who will be the rock star. SHI Group will always know the candidate better than you and will tell you all we learned.

Toxic culture does not happen by bad luck. We need to accept the truth and get help to make things transparent and effective again. Then, we will all sleep better, your China team and your HQ.


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