Understand First, Decide Second

I wanted to talk on this principle that yesterday I touched on.

I was leading a factory through a large reorganization, and a home office person wanted me to give him a man to clean up the floor right now.   I politely asked him to bear with us.  I felt we needed to find out why the floor was not being kept up despite the large scale reorganization.  To understand the why was much more important than a clean floor today.  In America, it is easier for me to know why the floor is dirty in this reorganization.  In China, I need to be smarter and work harder to get the right understanding and then move.  It is more trouble, but the right leader Understands First and Decides Second even if it is more trouble in China.

It will help create the right team and the right service to make customers consistently happy.

Agreed or have other thought–examples?

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