We Are All In This Together – Collaboration

Everyone managing down and the lonely leader at the top of many silos is so common.

Procurement Leaders mentioned how commodity risk is important, and few companies face it well.  They say,

While treasury looks after currency and interest-rate risks, raw materials are more often the responsibility of procurement – but the skills required to effectively manage volatility can be found in treasury departments.

Collaboration is a nice word, but few teams put effort into really making it come to life. It is abstract, and so companies lose energy to chase it.

Abstract and valuable.  The low hanging fruit is often held in these abstract areas as they get so little direct attention.

Also, overall,  a healthy organization is seen as important and not urgent. Fire fighting is often the rule.

Companies that can achieve higher levels of collaboration will innovate and solve intractable problems at a higher rate.  That’s an urgent need and much lower hanging fruit.

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