Making Big Decisions in China So Hard

Making big decisions in ChinaI heard a podcast recently on making big decisions. It reminded me of the struggles I have seen for Western Companies on making big decisions in China.  We can do better in the Middle Kingdom.

The podcast noticed that these big decisions are often made poorly or not at all. The reason is that we do not have enough experience with these big and often ambiguous business decisions. We do not have the systems or even the sense, and that can overwhelm us or lead us to bad decisions.  We can suffer from either too much fear or too much hubris. We also sometimes are not getting the right information to make the right decision.

Making Big Decisions in China the Right Way

We find trustworthy and thoroughly capable Chinese people to start to lower your risk here. You start making better big decisions when you have these people giving you good data.

Understandably, people have a hard time making the decision to start hiring in China at all. It is a big decision as well.   We find that you need to first decide what your sacred values are. Then clarify your goals as often shown in the first few items on a job description. Resumes may show light on satisfying the job description. However, you need to have a recruiter who is with you on your sacred values.  Getting that will light your path here.  You can rightly reduce your fear and not move with too much hubris to hire if you know your values and get guidance and protection to ensure your values in East Asia.

That is our specialty and many companies ask us to help them in this way.

We see a lot of analysis paralysis when companies want to make a big move in China. There is no way to get all the data. For example, it is often clear in an organization that they have the wrong China leader, but the person who made the hire naturally feels some loyalty to the hire. They further have understandable fear that a change will lead to more of the same. Analysis paralysis often leads to continued poor results. It is hard.  We know that delaying the decision is the most harmful choice. We are here to make sure it is a powerful and reliable choice when you are ready. See also Better Decision Making.




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