Suppliers, What Does It Take To Get Quality, A Sample

Foreign Entrepreneurs has been doing quite a few posts recently, and this one is worth checking out. Find the whole post here.

I list one point here as an example.

10. Monitor small factories very closely. They often have no established management system. So either you trust the boss to personally look after your orders every day, or you keep a close eye on production.This is so true.

They will be producing your order over a month’s time or continuously.  Keeping a close eye would be twice a day.  Yikes, I hope they are next door. Ask us if you need us to make a visit. They further mention accurately that bigger factories only accept bigger orders.

Just the same, it is critically important to get a supplier who cares about your concerns. It is critical to get a supplier who wants more than a quick buck. You need a supplier who wants to be part of what you are doing to make the world a better place. You need to care about him, and he needs to care about you.

That may sound hokey. However, unless you are paying top dollar for some one who can give top service, you are likely to need someone who really cares about production, yours included.  Like they say, you need the owner to go down there every day to check on the details.  You need workers three levels under him to care about the result.

You need to budget in how you are going to get short and long term good results.

It can be done.

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