Hong Kong recruitmentHong Kong Recruitment takes a lot of work in a Westernized culture that is not Westernized. My speaking in English and Mandarin Chinese can get me along quite well there as that is two of the top three languages. Cantonese is the third. If you look closely, you will see their Chinese characters are a lot more complicated than in mainland China. They feel the Chinese character lost its character and deep meaning in mainland China just to reduce stroke count.   In the right context you can hear them say they are real China and not corrupted by any cultural revolution.

I first visited Hong Kong in January 1992 from China where I had lived for 6 months at that time. Crossing the bridge into Hong Kong was like Dorothy waking up in Oz and a land of color after the drab green gray of 1991 China. The bookstores had English language books!

Crossing the river now, you can hardly see the river, and the difference from Shenzhen to Hong Kong is not as great. However, the difference is still very great.

The British influence gradually fades, but will never be all gone. 150 years of British rule surely had an effect on Hong Kong. recruitment Hong Kong

Hiring in Hong Kong definitely takes all the skill that recruiting does anywhere else. Candidates have lots of temptation to falsify resumes and make great stories to go with the the fake resumes.

Hong Kong Recruitment Needs a Deeper Look

The often excellent English of Hong Kong candidates can give us a false sense that we are on the same page. Great English is useful, but what is beyond language skills is most critical. Is this candidate teachable to the way you do business. Will this candidate be a window into South East Asian culture? Or will they cover up and hold information and hire weak people under themselves? Those things are infinitely useful to know before hiring. That is part of our job in recruiting, and we do it all the way to the bottom as needed.

Our standard deep background check uncovers the polished cheaters and raises the gems to the surface in a way that interviews can not do. Real data makes all things clear. That is what we do, and we are glad to do it for our Customers.