How do I recruit in China?

My first thought is, very carefully. China is a great place with great managers and sales people. Also, a lot of guys who interview well but are worth nothing, or who will do their very best to lie, cheat and/or steal as necessary.

Cross cultural hiring in China should not be taken lightly. The best China focused recruiters cannot filter out the worst hires.  Can you imagine the average or international recruiter? We have heard.

Hiring on your own and background checking? Best to you, but cross culturally all bets are off.

Some people recruit like they do in the West and some get lucky. Some think they got lucky and then two years later have a bad surprise. It costs a lot to not get it right and especially in first hires in China.
We have developed a rigorous recruiting methodology that gives us an over 95% success rate in placements.

It has been years since we made a bad hire at all. Seems we are getting better. Nothing like focus and a strong commitment to make for a six-sigma recruiting solution.

How Do I Recruit in China? Very Carefully with Consistent Results
So, my advice, there are many ways to recruit in China. Some people even use LinkedIn like everyone there is verified. Yes, many ways. All of them can get you candidates. Putting up an ad for people to apply is a way. We have done rigorous recruiting full time for 12 years. I think we have only found one good hire that way. All the others proved to be desperate, unmatched or untrustworthy candidates. We dig and dig as the best way.

Then we dig and dig for data. Then when you get a trustworthy person with the right talent, they can open your eyes to what China is and take you a long way here.

how do i recruit in China?