India recruitmentWith India Recruitment, you enter a new world.  In Hindu Democratic India, things can be a lot more chaotic. However, the staying power of the newly crowned most populous country has more staying power. Internet is unrestrained (countries like China block most international web sites) as are the cows. Change comes more slowly in such a large democracy for sure, but India does keep growing.

India is about 37% urbanized so about 500M people in the cities, and the cities will continue to grow and modernize. The Dehli-Mumbai Industrial Corridor (pictured) is a highly productive zone getting better industrial infrastructure including housing for workers near zones. The four cities along the yellow line are the key cities of India.  See also Dehli-Mumbai Expressway. I remember when China was this way 20 years ago. Such an exciting time of growth here in India.

More investment comes to India as they continue to grow and open as a culture.  India is the youth capital of the world with so many young people. While the West grays and East Asia grays, India is full of energy with lots of kids. They expect India’s population growth will slow at the end of the century.   It is really dynamic. Furthermore, and ever so gradually, more infrastructure is added at the same time. The future is now for India with more to come.

A lot of small kindnesses can occur in this majority Hindu country as karma is on everyone’s mind. In an effort to gain merit for the next life, people do kind things to earn karma or points as it were. Unfortunately, lying in the interview does not seem to count.

India Recruitment Needs a Closer Look

We started India recruitment to help Western companies in a world so different from their own. You need a recruiter that is more familiar and ready to defend you from bad hires. Also, you need us to know which are great hires. Great hires have talent and character, so you do not need to watch them to make sure.mumbai recruitment

Does the interview prove they have enough experience and character? We have found that it does not. We do a long detailed experience focused interview of an hour or more. Later, we use the details to help us background check. It is amazing how often a very convincing interview melts down under the objective facts. We are the only recruiter we know who kills our own candidates with the background check. Our job is to actually partner with you to make sure these politicians do not get into your company.

We then find you candidates who may or may not interview as well, but the background check shows they are gold. The more light you put on these guys; the more you like them. We then finish the background check and formally recommend them, so you will find they are hires you will never want to lose. This is what makes us happy and helps us sleep better at night. We also want to give you better sleep at night knowing you have Trustworthy Talent working for you in India.

You Can Get the Right Candidates in Trust and Talent Here

Our 15 years of using this completed system shows we can succeed over 95% of the time in giving you the right hire. In the extreme off chance, you find you have doubts in a hire after you hire, let him or her go. We will replace them free of charge. As our system matures yet more, we suggest our success rate will rise yet more. See how we started in this video.

The missing link in good to great recruiting in growing India is rigorous recruiting to acquire Trustworthy Talent®.