Japan RecruitmentFirst off, you can hire in Japan without an entity, but you must pay and register for lots of benefits. It does cost something. More important is who you hire. Japan recruitment risks and opportunities dwarf these other issues.

Japan Recruitment is recruitment in a country where everyone wants to be the same, while really there are differences everywhere.  It is true that Japan is a very rational and disciplined country, and yet their rational is their own kind. It makes them hard to really understand. Having lived separate from the West for thousands of years, they have their own way and do it together.

Talent here is great due to their hard work and rational thinking. Also, in many ways they are a careful people. Further, it is hard to get them to open up especially in an interview.

Honor is a high value in Japan. Thus, street theft is much lower than in the West. However, deceit remains a real issue. Much can be unsaid. This is a key challenge in recruiting. Getting to really know them is our job for you.  These hard working and smart people can represent you different than the way you expected or how you wanted. Yes, though their culture is far different from the West, you need people who want to learn the way you do business and be truly with you. You also need someone who can be a good window into Japan for you. Even more so, you need someone who can dive in and get their hands dirty and come back and give you light and a path.

As in all countries where SHI Group works, we get resumes and interview. As in all geographies, we dig deep to search and to get real data (see our video in other site).  We need this in Japan for its special reasons.

Have you been to Japan? It is such a clean and orderly country,  Yet, once again, their sense of order is their own.  Crowded? Yes, so very crowded that they have pushers to get more people in the subway cars at rush hour. And oh, the pushers wear white gloves.

Japan Recruitment is Great But Think More recruitment Japan

If you want to find openly emotional, then go to the Philippines. They have some to spare. If you need rational, Japan certainly has that in their form.

Japan is very Japan and has very little immigration. They lead in robotics as do not want immigration to fill their demographic gaps.  It is an amazing country that is easy to like, but frustrating as one gets deeper.  China gave birth to Confucianism, but Japan would sense Japan is the real masters of his thoughts. Confucius likes order. From him, Japan likes order in their own way. Did Confucius want family before the individual? Yes, it is here in Japan.

Like Korea and China, infrastructure is top notch, sometimes to a fault. Yes, I love Japan, but they have their gaps too. The right people can overcome their gaps and even be open about them.   Their national personality is much like my natural personality:rational, observant, rule bound naturally.  SHI Group is glad to help you enter or do better here in hiring.

An Amazing Track Record of Teachability

A great thing that separates Japan from China is their ability to learn from others. 1000 years ago, China had a writing system, so Japan went and learned it from them. 150 years go, the Western powers showed Japan they had better technology. Japan set about learning from the Western powers and mastered what they had as well.

Deming tried to teach quality methods to the American car makers, and they ignored them. He took his thoughts to Japan, and they absorbed his thought and then made them even better. Then their cars became better than the Americans. Japan has teachability in their bones when shown something has value. They are the number three economy in the world for a reason.

We can find you people who have this spirit and transparency as well which is harder to come by. We will be open with your possible candidates, so they trust more.   It draws them in. Then, we will draw them out to know all they are thinking. As we learned from Japan and Deming, data should be king.  We get real data that will make you smart in who to hire in Japan. We will not give up till we do.